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Series & One Shots

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Category: Limited Serial, Academia, MMMF

WC: Ongoing

If you bite it and you die, that’s poison. If it bites you and you die, that’s venom. There is a reason they call themselves the latter. They are the talk of the campus, filthy rich, hot as fuck, crass as they come, and taking your class.


You know what they say. Two is company. Three is a crowd.


But four is a fucking rager.

Category: Limited Serial, Paranormal, Historical

WC: Upcoming

Two lost souls from polar opposite worlds, the most sought-after courtesan of Luneborough and the new priest in town meet each other and start questioning everything they thought they knew. Nevertheless, neither your endless parade of patrons nor the 'vows' he has taken is the real obstacle standing between you.

Category: FWB, Steamy


You both have a libido control problem around each other as it is, but when you show up at the university building with glasses for the first time, Chris becomes the human embodiment of the word unhinged.

Category: Witty, Enemies to more

WC: 7.8k

You have been living your best life with zero neighbor problems for the longest time. Then they decided to fucking move into Apartment 31.

*Commissioned work

Category: Exes to lovers, Mutual Pining

WC: 9.8k

He loved you deliriously, but it wasn't enough to keep him from letting you go. Years later, you run into each other again.


He's a dad now.

Category: Witty, Raunchy


The declaration that Minho was a virgin until your night together drills a hole in your head. It can't possibly be true because who the hell fucks like that with no prior experience?

*Sequel to Bubblegum

Category: Dark, Suspense, Supernatural

WC: 3.1k

You finally land an interview with a revenge artist for material for your new novel.


After chasing him for two years, that is.

Category: Limited Serial, Mafia, Cyberpunk

WC: Upcoming

Drugs are so 2020s. The most lucrative line of business now is semen trafficking for the gangs of Vesper Hills.


An agent goes undercover to infiltrate and take down Ukiyo, the syndicate holding the lion's share in the black market. In his pursuit of getting into The Don's good graces, he discovers several vital facts.


The Don doesn't give a fuck.

The Don doesn't believe in love.

The Don is a woman.

And he's in love with her.

Category: Mutual Pining, Sentimental sexy

WC: 2.8k

He shouldn't love you, but he doesn't know how to make it stop.

Category: Dark, Yandere

WC: 6.6k

For any other person, it's a simple encounter at a park, but for Hyunjin, it's so much more than that.

*Commissioned work

Category: FWB, Situationship 


You and Chris have been friends with benefits for quite a while now, but it's irony galore when his most outrageous request to date makes you both realize you want something more.

Category: Established relationship, Slice of Life


When you know you've found the one, it doesn't take forever to tie the knot. That being said, nobody has ever told you or your other half Seungmin that it was possible to find "the two".

*Commissioned work

Category: Enemies to lovers, Witty, Raunchy

WC: 9k

As you watch your friend Minho during boxing practice, the way he moves riddles you with a singular thought and you catch yourself actually saying it out loud, completely unaware how this is going to colossally backfire on you.


“I would so dom his pretty face off.”

Category: Hurt/Comfort, Sentimental sexy

WC: 2.4k

He knows you. A lot more than you know.

Category: PWP, Raunchy

WC: 3.2k

Of course he has hundreds of fans screaming his name — he's a rockstar. The problem is something happens to him every time he's performing, and you just can't stop staring.

Category: Steamy, FFM

WC: 4.1k

It would be wrong if you were attracted to one of your best friends since they are in a relationship, but you don't know what the protocol is when you have the hots for both of them.

Category: Slice of Life, Mutual Pining, Feel-good 

WC: 3.4k

You and Chris' understanding of what "friends with benefits" entails is different than what is commonly accepted.

Category: RomCom, Witty, Feel-good


You've been having a great time at the media agency you work at as a screenwriter by pledging allegiance to no one other than yourself. Your entire chilling privileges get taken away from you when you're assigned under the direct supervision of Lee Minho, the new division head who is ridiculously hot albeit massively insufferable.

Category: Situationship, Witty, Steamy

WC: 8.3k

Minho constantly being in love with himself in the group chat frustrates the shit out of you, and you desperately want to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Chris has other plans in mind.

*Prequel to Pudding

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